Being at college or university can be challenging, given the amount of work you’ll be asked to do, and the fact that every time you have to produce the best paper you possibly can. And as a student, you’ll be called upon to write all kinds of papers. You may have to write descriptive essays, comparative essays, narrative essays, expository essays … but one thing that they have in common is that they all need a bibliography.

Mostly this will be a straightforward list of sources put in order, but sometimes you’ll be asked to create an annotated bibliography – and that’s something most students are completely unfamiliar with. You might even be asked to create an annotated bibliography assignment high school, which is going to be really confusing, and probably leave you in a panic. How on earth do you go about building an annotated bibliography? Just what is the difference between it and a regular bibliography?

Your annotated bibliography and why you have to get it right

Creating a normal bibliography is relatively simple; you just have to list all your sources in alphabetical order and separate primary sources and secondary sources, making sure that you detail important information like page references and publisher. An annotated bibliography is different, in that you have to give a brief explanation of the source. You need to explain things like what the source is about, why it is useful, why the author is an authority on the topic, and how it relates to your work.

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