Case studies are among the most complex assignments students have to deal with. These projects demand you to study different aspects of a real-world problem in the tiniest detail. You need to examine the issue from different viewpoints, and express your findings in clear, easy-to-read format. It seems like professors are getting more excited to assign case studies, but students are really burdened by their expectations.

If, for example, you need to complete a case study assignment abnormal psychology, you’ll first need to locate an individual case from the specific area of study. Then, you’ll need to conduct a library research to support the findings and find the connections between literature and reality. You’ll also need to take interviews from doctors, patients, and family members. Questionnaires will add more depth to the case study, so professors always prefer to see them included. Then, you’ll need to collect historical and current documents, observe all that data and maintain a diary. At the end, you’ll need to express all those findings in a properly-structured case study with perfect style language.

Does that seem complicated? Case studies are difficult to understand, but they become even more complex when you start working on them and you reveal all layers of the problem.

Your professors may request you to complete different types of case studies. You might get instructions to conduct explanatory, descriptive, or exploratory research of the problem. Then, your professor may instruct you to write a linear analysis, chronological, comparative, suspense, or theory-building report for your case study.

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