You probably wonder why on earth people say that being a student is easy, when you’re faced with a complicated law assignment and haven’t got a clue where to start. The reality is that law is one of the most difficult subjects to study, with a huge amount of material to learn, so it’s no wonder that many law students find themselves wanting to throw their books through the window with frustration. And with a potentially lucrative and interesting career ahead, they know there’s an awful lot at stake. But the more you try to work out what to write, the harder it seems to come up with the goods and impress your tutor. To make things even more difficult, you have a lot of other assignments to do, endless books to read, and lectures to attend – not to mention all the other necessary tasks like sleeping! Of course you want to meet up with your friends sometimes – a student has to have some leisure time if they’re not to burn out and find that their health is suffering. Take all this together, and it becomes clear that the sensible thing is to seek some help with your assignments.

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